Network software installation allows software applications to be installed on multiple computers through a network connection instead of installing the software CD or DVD for each computer individually. Attended software installation is letting the software installation process run on its own. The following Installation and Configuration Guide template provides instructions for installing components on computers that are intended to support and run your product.

what is installation guide

The entire installation process, including provisioning and postinstallation, took approximately 20 min. Irrespective of the nature of your interorganizational migration, you must adhere to some general guidelines when it comes to embarking on a migration project. Third-party migration tools generally implement a console/agent architecture with a single central console acting as the management interface to all migration projects underway.

5 Oracle Database Installation Methods

Both types of documents are essential for user satisfaction and customer support, but they have different purposes and audiences. How do you balance clarity and conciseness in writing installation instructions vs user guide? The iXAM package arrived with a dongle, USB drive with software files and installation guide, and registration information.

what is installation guide

The tutorial begins with Chapter 1, which demonstrates the construction of a simple yet functional SCIRun network. This demonstration is extended in Chapters 2 through 7Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7 with additional functionality and complexity. It begins with a brief introduction and then moves on to step-by-step instructions.

If you have enabled this security feature, then, depending on how you have configured it, Oracle Universal Installer prompts you for either your consent or your credentials when installing Oracle Database. Provide either the consent or your Windows Administrator credentials as appropriate. Usage of Oracle ACFS and Oracle ASM or NTFS instead of FAT32 is recommended to ensure security of these files.

What Goes Into a Software Installation Guide?

The User Guide also includes descriptions of all the SCIRun modules, including data types used, functions performed, and explanations of the user interface elements. Prior to its installation at the users’ premises, the information system has to be adequately documented. This documentation includes all the documents mentioned above, extended to the documents described hereafter. Choose a template that is simple and easy to read, but makes it clear that your installation guide is part of your overall brand.

An installation guide is an owner’s manual written to describe the installation of either a mechanical/electronics system (like a child’s swing or a hi-fi set) or a software product. Easy to set up and friendly to development teams, Document360 will have you documenting your software in minutes. With quick access to previous versions and the capabilities for review, full customization, adding callouts and error codes in the content. Easy to navigate with simple TOC and localization is also possible to cater global users.

What in an Installation Guide?

The first section should include information on the purpose of your software and the main features it offers. Users should obtain confirmation that they are installing the right system and the software performs as promised. To simplify database administration, Oracle provides a Web-based management tool called Oracle Enterprise Manager.

For each class in SCIRun, the documentation contains a complete description of the class as well as cross-referenced hyperlinks to related classes. The mark of good documentation is when it actually helps the user to accomplish their goals. Ensure that some of your reviewers know nothing about using your product to understand what your guide will be like for complete beginners. Make it easy for users to jump back and forth between sections of your guide, in case they must return to an earlier step. When users encounter problems, you don’t want to force them to start right from the beginning again.

Steps to downgrade a database, including steps to change the word size, are covered in Oracle Database Upgrade Guide. Then, upgrade the database either manually or by using Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant. You can use Enterprise Manager Database Control to setup, change, or customize e-mail notifications after you have created the database.

what is installation guide

It is highly recommended that the structure of your software installation guide reflects the needs of software users, so be sure to plan ahead before you start writing. Once you have gathered all of the required information, it’s time to start planning the structure of your software installation guide. The software installation guide should ideally be written by the software developer or a member of the software development team. Next, and most importantly, you need a list of step-by-step instructions for installing your software.

After referring to the Installation Requirements, follow the walkthrough below to install Decisions on an Application Server or PC. Software license agreements outline what a user can and cannot do with software that they have purchased. Software localization, also known as software internationalization, is the process of adapting software for use in different regions or countries. A software repository is a location where software and software packages are stored and accessed from. – If there are any problems with the software, it is much easier to uninstall it.

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All software products and most electronic gadgets and systems display messages to give feedback about system status and to signal if there are problems with the system. Use the following validation checklist, or portions of it, to validate a successful installation of the components. In the next section, describe the steps to install and configure the components. You can use this Installation Guide template when installing software and for the preparation, training, and conversion from existing systems. Server Administrators—If your organization has a team that handles server administration, i.e., building and maintaining servers, then this group will need to be able to access your application server. If you’re using the most recent version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser, there is a chance that some websites won’t be displaying properly.

what is installation guide

Technical documentation is not the place to show off your vocabulary or jargon. Avoid ambiguous, vague, or complex words and phrases that may confuse or frustrate your audience. Use active voice, short sentences, and bullet points to make your writing clear and concise.

If you use documentation software, you’ll be able to access analytics that give you insight into the performance of your installation guide. Key metrics like page views and support tickets deflected show you how well your guide is doing and whether it is helpful for your users. There might be some common errors and issues that arise during the installation process, in which case you should list them and include how to solve them. Thorough documentation of potential errors prevents tickets being submitted to your support team. If you prefer, you can use Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control or Grid Control to configure automated backups after you install the software and create a database. Oracle Automatic Storage Management manages the storage of all database files, such as redo logs, control files, and data pump export files.

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